The Oriental Philatelic Association of London

AUCTION CLOSED ON 27 November 2011.

Auctioneer: Martin Lovegrove
The Weatherings, East End
Norfolk, PE33 9DB
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0) 1366 328375    E-mail:
Fax: +44 (0) 1366 328375


The auction is open only to OPAL members. The standard terms and conditions for the conduct of postal auctions will apply.


The currency to be used for bidding will be pounds (GBP), in the following stages: in steps of 0.10 up to 1.00; from 1.00 to 5.00: in steps of 0.25; from 5.00 to 25.00: in steps of 0.50; from 25.00 to 100.00: in steps of 1.00; from 100.00 to 500.00: in steps of 5.00; over 500.00, in steps of 10.00. Bids not conforming to these rules will be rounded down to the nearest valid increment.


Bidding will start at the reserve price as shown for each lot. Bids below this price will not be accepted. Minimum bid - GBP 0.50


Where two or more bids are equal, the earliest received will be the successful one.


The Auctioneer accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of descriptions in the list (especially claimed catalogue values and rarity assessments). Items which are not considered to match the descriptions may be returned: UK within 10 days of posting; overseas within 3 weeks.


Successful bidders will be invoiced. If the buyer is known to the auctioneer items purchased will usually be sent with the invoice. New buyers may be asked to pay for the purchases before any items are sent. In all cases the auctioneer reserves the right to be paid first.


Wherever possible payment should be made in GB Pounds, either by a cheque payable on a UK bank, or in British currency notes. Payments from overseas may also be made in Euros or US dollar currency notes, but PayPal (Extra charge) and MoneyBookers are possible. Non-sterling Cheques which cannot be drawn on a British bank are not welcome, and will be returned. Small balances arising from payment in currency notes will be held as credits or debits and set against future purchases.


Postage and packing charges will be added appropriate to the weight and value of the package being sent. Overseas mail will be sent by air. Customs labels will be attached where this is required. Alternative posting arrangements can be made at the buyer's request.


Photocopies of lots will be available on the following basis. Minimum GBP 0.50 for one sheet to the UK, each additional sheet - GBP 0.20. Two covers (or one back and front) per sheet, or eight stamps or postmarks per sheet. Please add extra for overseas mailing. Small items can be scanned and sent by zipped e-mail where the resulting file is less than 500k.


Postmarks are described as follows: the percentage figure indicates how much of the postmark is actually on the cover, stamp or piece, even though it is so faint that it cannot be read. As well as the presence of the postmark the quality is assessed as: Definitive Strike - absolutely clear with very low background clutter. V. Clear - completely readable. Clear - almost completely readable. Good - over half readable. Moderate - about half readable or quite faint. Poor - significantly less than half readable, or very faint.


Catalogue abbreviations are: SG = Stanley Gibbons, C&W = Coles & Walker; A&P (Agaogullari & Pabuccuoglu); McD = MacDonald; N&M = Nuhoglu & Mert, Is = Isfila. Other catalogues referenced are Bayindir (postmarks); Brandt (postmarks) and Birken (postal stationery). The C&W reference Is 'volume/page/item', with vol. 1=blue book; 2=red; 3=green; 4=yellow.

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