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Thoden 2008

(A Catalogue of the Fiscal Stamps of Saudi Arabia 1916 - 2001)

A revised and updated version by Martin Lovegrove

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A revised and updated version of Rudy Thoden's original catalogue published in 2002.  134 pages, wire bound, with most illustrations now in colour.  Additions have been made to the stamp listings and proof of the fiscal use of the 1 and 5 qirsh charity tax stamps is shown.

The catalogue includes translations of fiscal stamp regulations, an overview of the Hijaz Railway stamps of other countries, and a scarcity rating table.

The catalogue costs GBP 20 plus post and packing.  A discounted price of GBP 15 has been negotiated for members of the Arabian Philatelic Association International.  There is no surcharge applied when paying by PayPal or MoneyBookers.

If you collect the fiscal stamps of Saudi Arabia, you need this catalogue!

ISBN 978-0-9558246-0-9