Oriental Philatelic Association of London

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OPAL Auctions

OPAL holds auctions for members only, usually twice a year.  Catalogues are sent to members; the catalogue, with bidding facilities, is also available on-line.

The auctioneer is always grateful for any help in describing and valuing lots; all you need is internet access.  If you are willing to help, please contact me.

The following auctions are available to view; closed auctions include prices realized.  Auction catalogues all open in a new window.

OPAL home page

The future for OPAL auctions is uncertain.  The problems encountered over the past few auctions have been:

1. Items submitted without descriptions and/or starting price.
2. Losses in the post when items have been sent to successful bidders by standard rather than insured post.  Future auctions will have to insist on items being sent at bidder’s risk unless insured post is used.
3. Insufficient material to offer.

These can all be overcome, but it is for members to decide.

The closure of many rural post offices in England has resulted in the auctioneer having a considerable journey to make in order to post items.  It is only worthwhile if the auctions are well supported and thriving.

ML06 (Closed 27 November 2011)

ML05 (Closed 25 October 2008)

ML04 (Closed 26 April 2008)

ML03 (Closed 2 June 2007)

ML02 (Closed 28 October 2006)